Strategic portfolio management

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“Property can be both an asset and a liability. To understand what opportunities may be available and what risks might exist requires planning ahead. Appreciation of the issues is central to the performance of a single asset or a portfolio regardless of whether you are an owner, investor or occupier”.

Whether you own or occupy one property or a hundred the principles are broadly the same. Adversarial relationships rarely work, Successful landlords have learnt that their tenant is a customer and needs to be treated as such and the tenant needs to feel valued but they also must play their part. Landlords and tenants interests are not mutually exclusive as in reality they both need each other so their interests are broadly aligned. A proactive management approach with good communication between the parties will yield real benefits as a good property will attract better rents and as a result better quality tenants and from that an increasing capital value for the landlord whilst at the same time providing an enhanced trading environment that is good for the tenant. A win: win outcome.

Cotton Drive resizedThe starting point therefore is to establish the facts and figures. This begins with a tenancy schedule with critical data for each building cleared logged. Knowing when upcoming lease events are going to happen – be that a rent review, expiry, option to renew or break clause is a vital first step. From this the business can then start to plan, look at best options and implementation – this may be a re gear of a lease, deferring a break clause, or negotiating a surrender, re letting space or spotting added value through change of use. For an occupier if trading is hard and you are struggling to meet your lease commitments we know that early dialogue with your landlord will be the right course of action even thought it may be a difficult first conversation.

At BostonPrinces Drive - aerial Fieldgate we have extensive experience in guiding and advising our clients through this whole process. We have a number of investor clients with portfolios of industrial / warehouse, retail and office units and occupier clients with over 50 retail units so we understand the issues and can provide candid advice gleaned over many years.

With regular appraisals we identify key issues and opportunities for action in the short and medium term so to discover more about how we can help you get the best from your property please call us on 01926 852199 or e-mail for a confidential consultation.

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