Research & intelligence

“Knowledge is power” – Francis Bacon 1597.

Whilst Francis Bacon is accredited with this statement over 400 years ago it still remains true today. We know that lack of information and knowledge can impact negatively on decision making. Being naive when your competitors are not is likely to be to your disadvantage. Boston Fieldgate can provide you with commentary, advice and knowledge based upon the experience of our management team on a range of critical criteria to help you as our client make the right decisions for your business.

Intelligence is based upon our broad experience in the market, knowledge of occupiers, owners, developers and investor’s aspirations and requirements, transactional activity and a genuine interest in giving best advice to you our client.

Research is around providing that additionality to our guidance and advice by adding a further dimension to your decision making based upon specific issues. From straightforward information such as population data through to travel times, property transaction evidence and more we know where to look as we work with research and data organisations and subscribe to property market specialist such as CoStar.

We often hear people in our industry talking about the ‘covenant strength’ of a tenant without always fully appreciating what that implies so we pride ourselves on understanding balance sheet construction as readily as that of a building’s construction. Considering security and risk exposure and then helping you make balanced decisions based on actual intelligence gathered, rather than words spoken is an intrinsic part of how we provide advice to our clients.

We work on keeping up to date not only in a property knowledge context but also on the broader world of business at regional, national and international levels as these markets all have an impact in our respective worlds. Appreciating your sector’s issues and opportunities enables us to give you our best advice.

To support our clients we produce briefing notes or comments on key current issues or flag interesting and relevant research from third parties and if you would like to receive these please call us on 10926 853199 or drop us an e-mail at to be kept updated.

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