Property search & acquisition

19 George RoadTachbrook“Acquiring any property needs to be based upon a clear vision and business case that justifies the investment required. The key to success rests with evolving a considered requirement brief that encapsulates the key needs of the business balanced against affordability”

Regardless of whether this is a new venture or a relocation at Boston Fieldgate we know it is important to get it right from the outset. This means time must be spent on establishing what is needed and whether it is affordable.

For an investor this will be around yield profile, opportunity cost, risk reward relationship, income security and short, medium and long term potential.

Colmore PlazaDormer Place resizedFor an owner or occupier this will be around the ability to recruit and retain the best staff, convenience of location and accessibility, image, built environment, proximity to clients / stakeholders / suppliers. The value of these elements will be affected by what you will use the building for – offices, call centre, manufacturing, distribution, retail, leisure. For occupiers outside of their employment cost property will be their next biggest overhead. Property can have a significant impact upon the performance of a business if it does not provide an efficient and economic operating platform. For example – office occupiers need the ability to recruit and retain the best staff as this is key to their success. The cost of recruiting new staff where high attrition / churn rates apply can be significant and far outweigh the cost of occupying a more expensive property in rental / capital value terms.

We can advise on the component elements including:

  • Assessing the need – what, how much, where and the necessary budgets
  • Market commentary on the options available, locations, pricing and timing
  • Searches based upon mutually agreed criteria to identify potential solutions
  • Reviewing identified options against agreed benchmarks & short-listing
  • Viewings
  • Preferred option assessments and recommendations
  • Recommendations as to “offer” terms
  • Negotiating terms to purchase or lease
  • Briefing and subsequently monitoring the legal team to completion
  • Post acquisition support and guidance

The solution is holistic in that all the elements need to come in to balance and we can work with you to find that equilibrium – To receive a copy of our advisory note Business Relocation – key steps and considerations please call us on 01926 852199 or e-mail for a confidential consultation.

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