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Findern - resized area for brochure page on www“Development is a complex and often time consuming process that requires experience, tenacity and extensive knowledge supported by research and a dedicated professional team if a successful outcome is to be achieved”

Even in improving economic conditions the challenges remain but there are opportunities where value is released through the planning and development process. Outside of pre let or pre sold projects speculative development still remains difficult to fund. Land values in hot spots have moved up significantly and construction costs also seem to be on the rise. Making a scheme viable and providing an appropriate risk reward return remains the key hurdle to overcome. Joint ventures, Development Agreements, overage arrangements have all played a part in enabling some development to come forward.

With institutional interest in the sector the major players have been able to get projects from the drawing board on to site and have reaped the benefits of providing product in to a market which has for many years had little or no supply and this may cause a spike in rental / capital values as seen in a number of locations – for example A C Lloyds scheme at Trident Park in Leamington has caught the market right and they have achieved prices well above the general market as a consequence. Timing is everything.

17-19 Highfield resizedDevelopment resizedUnderstanding all the components is crucial and where our expertise comes to the fore. Having a true understanding of the market, yield and true return on investment is crucial. Using our own tailored spreadsheet formulas allows us to readily provide clients with the information they need to rule a proposal in or out quickly.

Once an initial appraisal suggests there is a viable project then as part of your professional team we start in on establishing the closer detail. Refining the scheme based upon an iterative process and then move through to finalising a project. Our input will ebb and flow dependent upon where the project is at a particular point in time – site identification and purchase then leads to inputting on specification based upon occupier demands which in turn is reflected in the design and then picks up again up as regards marketing, sales and lettings. It is a multi facet process and we can guide and advise you as part of the team.

In particular we will advise on:

  • Site / opportunity identification

  • Trends, supply and demand issues

  • The vision for an opportunity – uses, tenant mix, style

  • Acquisition negotiations

  • Strategic management considerations

  • Site assembly

  • Scheme feasibility

  • Marketing

  • Sales & Letting negotiations

  • Exit strategy – investment sales

  • Ongoing strategic management for JVs or Development / overage agreements.

If you are looking for opportunities or have one already in mind we would be delighted to provide our thoughts so please call us on 01926 852199 or e-mail us for a confidential consultation.

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