Business support

At Boston Fieldgate we like to see ourselves as being an integral part of your team. If you are successful then it will be to our advantage as well so we are very keen to see you thrive. We want to be there to support you with our focussed property expertise but as our management team has an extremely broad and deep level of business acumen there will be times where just an hour or two of our focussed time in your boardroom can bring about significant change for the better. All too often we see principals working so closely in their business that working on the business comes a distant second.

We can often help initiate thinking that starts with a property issue at its heart, but then requires a broader appreciation and consideration of financial and strategic issues. This is one of the aspects that differentiate Boston Fieldgate from others. Our management team can suggest ideas and solutions that extend beyond the ordinary.

In terms of more routine support in a property context you may need help with a range of other matters. We can suggest providers for you to consider so if you need:

  • Condition or structural surveys
  • An Energy Performance Certificate
  • Weekly Insurance inspections or draining down systems if your property is vacant.
  • Utility MetersĀ  reading
  • Getting grass cut or landscaping tidied up for better presentation on a sale / letting
  • Help with your move to another property
  • New locks

then please get in touch on 01926 852199 or e-mail us at

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