Business Rates reviews

Talisman SqInvicta works resizedWe see many SME and MME businesses who often don’t ever quite get this to the top of their ‘to do’ lists! We can help with business rates.

Business rates are effectively a tax on business – if you occupy non domestic property then with some exceptions such as Charities or small businesses where you might be eligible for some relief then they are an additional occupational cost to your business.

Whilst there are continuous claims that the existing regime is outdated and inequitable your business has to operate with this backdrop and your focus should be on making the “best of a bad job”. The current system is under review, the scheduled revaluation to come into force in April 2015 has been postponed by Government until April 2017. You may well have received a Request for information proforma from the Valuation Office as part of this process already.

We are heBuckminster resizedre to help you now so assessing the veracity of your existing rating assessment is therefore our focus. We check the floor areas, rates / sqm used, compare your assessment to others and ensure any relevant factors are considered. In addition, we will review all the elements and then provide you with our opinion on whether an appeal is possible and or worthwhile. If an appeal is appropriate then we can lodge this and negotiate on your behalf to try and reach a settlement or take the matter to Tribunal for a third party decision. There are many issues and constraints that sit around this process and our experience and knowledge can guide you through the process.

Our fees are based upon demonstrable results and refunds or savings we may secure on your behalf. This way our interests are directly  in line with yours. It is a win: win arrangement.

Ely PlaceWith a formal revaluation now underway and revised assessments being effective from April 2017 there is limited time to consider your existing assessment so you need to talk to us sooner rather than later. You may have received a Request for Information proforma – this has strict time limits for completion and return. We can work with you on getting those submitted as part of a broader remit.

There are many nuances as to how your RV is calculated so to understand this and make sure you are paying no more than you should give us a call on 01926 852199 or e-mail us at for an initial confidential consultation.

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