Fizzing start to 2015

Each year the Birmingham Post and CBRE sponsor the Office Watch competition which is open to property agents who work in the Birmingham office market and gives them with the opportunity to assess / predict how much office space in the city core and Edgbaston they think will be let in a calendar year. In 2014 the total amount of space let was 713,460sqft and guess what our own Charles Smith came the closest with 712,997sqft! Thank you to the sponsors for the case of Fizz that has just landed at our office – 2015 looks like being a sparkling year….If you are seeking quality advice across the commercial property sector you know where to come….
CRS - Office watch 2014 Award - B Post release

Avoid costly surprises!

Published this week this is the second of three articles being written by Charles Smith for the RICS to accompany the publication of their SME Property Guide last autumn.  To find out  “Why you should plan your property cash flow to avoid costly surprises” then follow the link below.  If you would like any advice or wish to discuss any issues you may have please call us on 01926 852199 or e-mail

How much??!!……..

It is not often you come across something that takes you by surprise and as a consequence changes your view on a matter. Do you have any idea how much water is used to produce your standard takeaway cup of latte  – that is served in a take away cup with lid from one of your high street coffee shops? What I am talking about is referred to as “embedded water” so you need to think through the whole process from growing the coffee beans to producing the takeaway cup to actually brewing the coffee and serving it to you. I am told the answer is a staggering 208 litres!!!! and in terms of the components it breaks down to 142.8 litres for the coffee itself, 49.5 litres for the milk, 7.6 litres for the sugar, 0.8 litres for the water in your drink, 5.7 litres for the cup, and 2.4 litres for the lid.

A few others for you whilst we are on the subject – apparently it takes 10-20,000litres to produce a 1Kg of beef, 8,000 litres for a pair of leather shoes, 2,900 litres to produce a cotton shirt. Makes you think……….




Retail success – it’s all in the mix



The publication of the Warwick Business School graduate Fernanda Salomon’s report “Regeneration in Kenilworth: building in economic resilience” – see our breaking news “Regeneration …..” identified one of the areas that Ke

nilworth Town Centre Partnership and stakeholders should consider centred around the retail tenant mix in town. Charles Smith of Boston Fieldgate though his role on the Partnership Board undertook to undertake research to get the facts and figures on this. Based upon 1st November 2011 he analysed the retail offer.

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